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Insulating Around Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting, like any other opening in the ceiling, is a potential site of energy loss. It’s important for safety reasons to maintain a 3" gap between lighting fixtures and insulation, but leaving this gap empty reduces your energy efficiency.

The solution is to add a SmartCap™ Attic Recessed Light Cover, a pre-assembled, easy to install, fire rated recessed light cover that simply unfolds into a perfect cap over non-IC rated light fixtures in the attic.

To install, center the SmartCap™ Attic Recessed Light Cover over the recessed light fixture. Cutting may not be required when lights are centered between joists. If required, SmartCap™ Attic Recessed Light Cover cuts easily using scissors or a utility knife to fit evenly over any obstructions such as light bracing, electrical wiring, or joists. Secure the base of the SmartCap™ Attic Recessed Light Cover to the drywall ceiling with foil or duct tape, install insulation, and you’re done.