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Insulating Conditioned Crawlspaces

In a heated crawlspace, or one with uninsulated ducts or water pipes, the walls should be insulated to reduce energy loss. Our EcoTouch® PINK® FIBERGLAS™ insulation batts are a good choice.

Measure and cut small pieces of insulation and fit them snugly into the band joist. Cut the insulation long enough to completely cover the crawlspace wall, or—even better—let the insulation flow out onto the ground by two feet or more. Attach it to the wood plate at the top of the foundation wall using cap nails, or long furring strips and standard nails. Minimize compression by only driving nails part way into the plate. After the wall insulation has been installed, a 4- or 6-mil polyethylene vapor retarder should be spread across the entire floor and under the insulation. Rocks or bricks around the perimeter will hold it in place.