TruWrap® Housewrap is a woven polyolefin fabric engineered to be a weather resistant barrier. TruWrap® Housewrap reduces the air infiltration through residential and commercial exterior side wall construction. TruWrap® Housewrap has micro-perforations that permit trapped moisture to escape from the wall to the exterior. TruWrap® Housewrap is translucent to allow installers to see the framing underneath. TruWrap® Housewrap has excellent tensile strength and tear resistance to help withstand installation and wind driven loads. TruWrap® Housewrap can be left uncovered for up to 270 days before siding is installed. TruWrap® Housewrap meets the requirements of a weather resistant barrier as defined by ICC-ES Acceptance Criteria AC 38. See ICC Evaluation Services ESR 2801. TruWrap® Housewrap also meets the requirements for a Grade D building paper. Meets requirements for NFPA 101 Life Safety Code Class A material.

CUSTOMIZE TruWrap® Housewrap

TruWrap® Housewrap, an Owens Corning product allows customization with two color company logos.


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