Owens Corning QuietZone® Acoustic Batts with PureFiber® Technology are acoustically designed to control noise transmission between rooms, absorbing sound vibrations within the wall cavity to control noise in your home. They provide excellent in-place acoustical performance, and are as easy to install as regular insulation. Depending on the construction method used, QuietZone® acoustic batts can improve Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings by 4 to 10 decibels. They're ideal for home theaters, family rooms, home offices, kitchens, bedrooms and laundry rooms—wherever noise control is needed.

*Accepted acoustics standard is that a 10 dB increase doubles perceived sound and a 10 dB decrease halves it. QuietZone® offers a 6 dB increase in sound reduction, which equals a 30% decrease in perceived sound.


We recommend QuietZone® Noise Control Solutions with PureFiber® Technology for the following projects:

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